Brewer's Corner: Tighthead Brewing Co.

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Brewer Spotlight: Tighthead Brewing Company

Tighthead Brewing Company is a popular, neighborhood brewpub located in Mundelein, IL – a suburb of Chicago. Founded in 2010, the brewpub has become a staple in the community.  Featuring a variety of year-round and seasonal brews, Tighthead provides a diverse line up that easily explains their tag line, “Worth More Than A Try”.


Their Story

As with so many stories, Tighthead began with a homebrew kit. Bruce Dir, the Owner and Master Brewer at Tighthead caught the brew bug in 1993 and kept passionate about his hobby until 2009 when a reorganization in corporate America provided him with the chance to turn his hobby into something more. Dir added to his 16 years of practical knowledge by attending Siebel Institute of Technology Brewing School in Chicago.  Tighthead officially opened its doors in 2010, staffed by Dir and his wife, Molly.  In 2011, Dir brought on Billy Oaks to join the team.  Oaks brought years of experience as well as his formal training at the American Brewers Guild Brewing School.


Their Brews

Tighthead brews six year-round beers that include Comfortably Blonde (Blonde Ale), Irie IPA (India Pale Ale touting an impressive 100+ IBU score), and Scarlet Fire (Irish-style Red Ale).  Also included in their year-round menu is their signature Chilly Water American Pale Ale.  With an ABV of 4.8% this mango, tangerine and citrus fruit blend is an easy partner for a visit to their traditional English Pub-style tap room.

In addition to their year-round brews, Tighthead has some phenomenal seasonal augments.  Their Old Kaya Dog is a Barleywine sure to keep you warm on cold Chicago nights, but their Barrel-Aged Old Kaya Dog steps it up a notch and brings in hints of bourbon and oak.  

Click here for more information on their beers and to see a calendar of their seasonal schedule.

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